Rue Matthiessen is based on the East End of Long Island and in New York City, and has been writing journals, poems and stories since she was six years old. At Bard College she majored in literature, and afterwards was a journalist for The East Hampton Star. She had her own photography studio in Los Angeles for six years. She considers her writing to be visually inspired, and carries on a photography practice to this day. Upon moving back to New York, she published fiction and non-fiction in the periodical Hampton Shorts. Her writing practice has remained constant, resulting in a full length memoir and travelogue together called Castles & Ruins, a novella called The Krill, and a collection of essays on family life, loss, creativity and fulfillment, called Blastocyst. In 2012 she self-published Kaya India, a short work on creating a vacation and income property on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, and learning to Scuba dive. On November 16th, Rue sang in an all-girl punk band to raise funds for a local theater group, The Neo-Political Cowgirls. A chapter of her finished novel, Woman With Eyes Closed, was published in the March, 2018 issue of Meat for Tea. A chapter of Castles & Ruins was published in the Summer, 2018 issue of Kestrel. Rue has a second novel in progress. In December 2018 her piece, Real Life, was nominated for the Pushcart prize.


Cover Photo:  Blair Seagram